A Great Restaurant & Pub Located In The Middle Of It All.

Let’s face it, when you’re having all that fun bowling, shooting pool and playing games, you’re gonna get hungry. So for great food look no further than Break Time Grill & Bar. The food at Break Time Grill includes all your pub and sports bar favorites, like Buffalo Wings, juicy cheeseburgers, fries and specialty sandwiches. You can enjoy these and many more great menu items for lunch, dinner or just for snacking every day from 11 am until. Our full service staff will serve you in the restaurant or bring the food to you, wherever you are. After midnight, there’s even a Late Night Menu!
Break Time has two convenient bars, ”Lucky Strike” which is next to Ten Pin Alley—so refreshment is just steps away, and our larger pub-style bar located in Break Time Billiards.

Love our food? Let us cater your next event! Here, there, or pick up.
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Drink Specials from the Bar!
  1. Monday $2.50 domestic drafts, $4 Fruit Punch Shots.
  2. Tuesday $2.75 import bottles: Stella, Heineken, Red Stripe, Amstel, XX Amber or Lager, Corona, Corona light.
  3. Wednesday $1.25 PBR drafts, 2.25 domestic drafts, specials on imports; $4 Long Island Iced Tea, $4 Roya Flush.
  4. Thursday $2.50 domestic bottles, $5 Fireball Shots.
  5. Friday Beer-Of-The-Month on special, $4 Kamikazes.
  6. Saturday $4 Purple Hooters.
  7. Sunday Beer-Of-The-Month on special, $3 wine, $4 Bloody Marys.
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